Spring/Summer 14, Issue: 4

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Newsletter issue #4


Good things are growing

The Greenery is growing too – this winter it doubled its area for big trees and fruit trees.

Tina says their growing customer base asked for a broader range of deciduous and evergreen trees. ‘We listened, and we’ve got a lot of new lines in,’ she says. ‘Flowering plants, and shelter and hedging grades of different sizes, including that wonderful classic, Griselinia.’

As well, there are lots of citrus varieties, forest climax species and a great range of flaxes to bring the birds in. Tina says new lines arrive every month.

‘We love to keep things fresh and interesting and make sure we’ve got just what people are looking for.’

Call up or call in – we’re always glad to help.


Tina's timeless favourites

Remember the ‘good old days’ – endless summers and juice-sticky fingers from sun-ripened fruit eaten straight off the tree?

Now you can bring back the taste of the past with Tina’s favourite heirloom veges, grown from Koanga Seeds. From October onwards, come to The Greenery for seedlings of Island Bay’s famous tomatoes, chocolate peppers and many more old-fashioned favourites.

Koanga Seeds offer New Zealand’s largest collection of heritage fruits and vegetables, more than 800 varieties sourced from home gardeners and adapted for our soils and climate.


The taste of summer sun

With buds about to burst into blossom, there’s still time to get fruit trees in the ground and gather a harvest this summer – and the next, and the next, and the next.

Come and see Tina at The Greenery and check out our 40-plus varieties of fruit trees, including heirloom and dwarf peaches, nectarines, apples and apricots.

What to plant and when depends on your garden and its soil. We will help you choose the right fruit trees for your patch.

The right place:

Most fruit trees prefer sun, shelter and well-drained soil, and enough space to grow. Excellent step-by-step instructions on planting fruit trees is on www.ediblegardens.co.nz.

The right time:

The cooler seasons – late winter and early spring – are the best times to plant fruit trees, but water is the key: if you keep it up, they’ll cope whatever season.

The right care:

Keep lawn mowers, weed eaters and hooved animals away, to avoid ringbarking trees.


Harvest the whole year through

Down in the deep South they know about growing bumper crops in all weathers and seasons. So no surprise that Invercargill-made Morrifield tunnel houses get the big tick from Tina and Grant at The Greenery.

‘I wouldn’t sell anything I don’t use myself,’ Grant says, ‘and I’m more than happy to rave about my three Morrifield tunnel houses – they’ve been delivering stellar service for the past 15 years.’

Check them out at The Greenery and find the best size and features to suit your needs. You’ll be growing luscious tomatoes in no time at all.


Brent and Jonny’s sheds

Need a shed? Then you need Brent and Jonny.

These two Otaki lads produce classy bespoke wooden sheds, made from top quality materials.

They’ll build any size for any need and any purpose – tool sheds, garden sheds, sleepouts, you name it.

The Greenery will have a Brent and Jonny shed on show from the end of September. Check it out and get your order in.


Councils support stream-side planting

Did you know that Kapiti Coast District Council and Horizons Regional Council have funds to support landowners to plant alongside waterways?

Find out more from Grant at Sweeney Environments, The Greenery’s partner company. An expert in land and resource management, Grant offers help from ‘go to whoa’ – from preparing planting plans, getting consents and applying for council funding, to putting the plants in the ground.

Grant says the councils provide up to 50% of the costs for landowners, no matter how big or small the project. And, if the land is part of your business, your portion is tax deductible.

Grant and Tina are putting it into practise on their patch, transforming the banks of The Greenery’s stream. Watch progress as you cross the bridge on their driveway.

When the going gets tough

Grant’s skills don’t end with stream- side planting: he has oodles of experience and expertise in planting wetlands, coastal dunes and other harsh environments. ‘These can be tough places for plants, but we have the know-how to make it work for you.’

Grant would love to help you plan your project for next winter’s planting season. And, for anyone ordering 1000 or more plants – the planting plan comes free.


Big is beautiful, local is lovely

Grant’s revegetation business is blooming.
Sweeney Environments is on track to triple the number of native nursery plants from 20,000 to 60,000, an increase of 200%.

That means Grant’s been moved out of The Greenery and has set up out back, with a new nursery bay under construction.